Thank you for your interest in entering the diamond earring giveaway! We're excited to bring Aam to more boutiques across the country, and we're so grateful for your help in introducing us to your favorite local stores. Each introduction will grant you an entry in the giveaway for a pair of 0.5ct diamond stud earrings ($500 value). 

The more referrals you make, the more entries you get!


  1. Write an email to your favorite local boutique(s) sharing why you believe Aam would be a valuable addition to their collection. Cc so we can keep track. The boutique must sell women’s pants around our price point ($100-$150) in order to qualify. You can find an example email below, if you need a starting point.
  2. The contest will be open through Saturday, June 24th. We will announce the winner on Wednesday, June 28th via email, and ship the winner the earrings thereafter!

Example Introduction Email

Subject: An ask from a loyal customer

Dear [store owner’s name],

I’m a long-time customer of [store name], always drawn back to [what you like about the store]. I’m reaching out because I’d like to recommend a brand that I personally love and would enjoy seeing stocked in-store. Aam ( is a sustainable fashion label that designs beautiful, well-constructed pants for women with full hips and thighs. They've been featured in Forbes, Business Insider and Stylecaster, to name a few.

There are very few brands that cater to this body shape, even though so many women are looking for it. The Founder, Neha, started the company based on her own struggle with fit and she’s looking to partner with beautiful, like-minded boutiques around the country.

If you would be open to speaking with her, I know that she would love to show you her collection. I’ve cc’d her to this email.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[your name]