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"Aam's flex waist pants are an ideal pair to add to your winter closet, because they're comfortable and flattering, showing off your waist."

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"It can be so hard to find slacks that fit a curvier figure (I speak from experience)... Each of the pants featured on Aam’s website was fit-tested on various women of different sizes to ensure that you’ll get the best result IRL."

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Brown Girl Mag

"Responsible production is one of our brand pillars, so we think about it in each step of the process. All of our suppliers must be third-party certified for ethical working conditions from one of the leading, global certification programs."

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The Jennifer Kamara Podcast

"It's crazy to me to think that this is the first exclusive label for women with this body shape. It sounds kind of like the western ideal of beauty, which has precipitated across society of you need to be... straight and really skinny to be beautiful."

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