Buzzfeed (2024)

"Not to be dramatic, but this is my current favorite outfit... I don't think any garments have ever fit me so well. I'm a 34DD, so I'm used to vests being too small, but this one feels like it was tailored to me. The medium fits my chest and waist — a miracle! The pants are cut so well and are especially generous in the hips. Trust the size guide. I'm used to not trusting them and sizing up anyway, but this one is spot-on!

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Cosmopolitan (2023)

"Say hello to the perfect pair of high-waisted, wide-leg pants. Made with a soft and smooth lyocell fabric and complete with hidden inseam pockets that won't do that annoying puff out thing, these are perfect for tucking all your tops into."

Awarded the Best Soft Wide Leg Work Pants by the Editors at Cosmo. Read more.

Forbes (2023)

"Pants that are changing the game for curvy women... Each pair of pants, from skinny capris to wide-leg dress pants, have ample room for curvy hips and thighs."

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The Everyday Style Podcast (2023)

"Listen in to learn about all the ways that Neha and Aam are altering the fashion industry – from changing sizing charts to only using sustainable fabrics and working exclusively with production partners who value an ethical code of conduct."

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Stylecaster (2023)

"It can be so hard to find slacks that fit a curvier figure (I speak from experience)... Each of the pants featured on Aam’s website was fit-tested on various women of different sizes to ensure that you’ll get the best result IRL."

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Brown Girl Mag (2023)

"Responsible production is one of our brand pillars, so we think about it in each step of the process. All of our suppliers must be third-party certified for ethical working conditions from one of the leading, global certification programs."

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USA Wire (2023)

"Aam gives women with full hips & thighs wardrobe staples that fit them perfectly."

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The Jennifer Kamara Podcast (2023)

"It's crazy to me to think that this is the first exclusive label for women with this body shape. It sounds kind of like the western ideal of beauty, which has precipitated across society of you need to be... straight and really skinny to be beautiful."

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Forbes (2022)

"Aam's flex waist pants are an ideal pair to add to your winter closet, because they're comfortable and flattering, showing off your waist."

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