For years, I've struggled to find clothes - especially pants - that fit me correctly. Too tight on the hips? Size up. Too loose on the waist? Wear a belt. My entire life, I felt alone in my struggle. Eventually, the experience became so unpleasant that I started avoiding them entirely - choosing to opt for dresses, skirts and stretchy leggings instead.

It's not a small problem; one in four American women have "curvy bottoms" and struggle with these fit issues. Modern sizing charts are designed to fit only one body type, and there is simply no room for those with a curvier shape. 

The fashion industry needs alteration.

At Aam, we’re rethinking fit standards from the bottom up. Our silhouettes drape beautifully on full hips and thighs while sitting snug at the waist. Each of our designs have been rigorously fit tested on real pear- and hourglass-shaped women, across all of our sizes. Our designs are precise and thoughtful; every feature is intentional.

Responsibly made.

Aam works with high-quality, natural fabrics that feel great on the skin, and only with factories that are certified for safe working conditions. You can read more about our ethics & sustainability practices here.

A future that's ordinary.

The word “Aam” means “ordinary” in Hindi, my native tongue. This brand was created with the intention to democratize a seemingly radical approach to design. In Aam's version of the future, women of every shape and size will have easy access to clothes that are responsibly made for their body.

I hope you love it here.


Founder & CEO, Aam