1. Company Bio

Aam is the first fashion label to cater exclusively to women with full hips and thighs. Our signature line of trousers sits snug at the waist with more room for a "curvy bottom" shape. Each piece is made from soft, sustainable materials in a factory that has been third-party certified for safe working conditions. We have a 3% return rate and rave reviews on quality and fit.

2. Management Team

Neha Samdaria is the sole Founder and CEO of Aam.

3. Partial list of clients

Aam is solely B2C. Our clients are pear- and hourglass-shaped women across the USA.

4. Number of employees

2 (Founder and Designer)

5. Company structure

Privately held, LLC

6. Company name, address and contact information

Aam The Label, LLC
60 29th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Ph: 213-309-9904

Contact Person: Neha Samdaria (Founder & CEO)
Email: help@aamthelabel.com